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Defense programs are the largest segment of our business. General Tool manufactures a wide variety of parts for Tier 1 Defense firms using all of our capabilities of Engineering, Fabrication, Machining, Assembly and Test. These parts require the highest levels of project management and quality certifications.

General Tool has equipped DDG 51 Navy Destroyers with 9130, 9140 and now the 9160 Generator sets for over 30 years, as well as with Radar Towers and Ammunition hoists. We’ve also supplied the Ford Class Aircraft Carriers with EMALS and AAG systems along with Electrical Cabinets, as well as Radar and Sonar components. . On the Virginia and new Columbia class submarines, we’ve provided Torpedoes, Tanks and Missile Tubes components.

Other critical programs include systems for Drone Launchers and the new Ship to Shore Connector (SSC)

Joint Strike Fighter CFRP (Carbon Fiber Resin Plastics) composites are also an important part of our monthly shop production. These parts utilize advanced 5 Axis machines and specially developed tooling.


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