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Greystones roots are deeply laid in its many years of pre-eminence in the precision plating industry. Today Greystone continues its rich tradition of craftsmanship in both the precision plating and precision machining industrial realms. We pride ourselves in our many long-term employees who collectively encompass centuries' worth of experience, innovation and ingenuity. This outstanding knowledge base and the many synergies created by our plating/machining combination, firmly positions Greystone for continued growth and excellence.

In 1932, Everett H. Fernald, Sr. founded The Industrial Plating Company (later to be known as Induplate, LLC). He had started chrome plating while in the employ of Brown & Sharpe and when he was laid off during the Great Depression he started his own company in a garage in North Providence, RI. Mr. Fernald was known as an independent, inventive entrepreneur and particularly delighted in plating parts his competitors found difficult or impossible. His propensity to specialize in difficult work caused the company to develop a number of fine craftsmen whose foundation and expertise continue to guide the company today.

Mr. Fernald was succeeded by his son, Everett H. Fernald, Jr. as President in 1968. Mr. Fernald, Jr. holds an advanced degree in Metallurgical Engineering and continues the proud tradition of craftsmanship as well as interjecting his own scientific expertise into the operations. In 1969, David E. Lippy, a Chemical Engineer from Admiral Rickovers Nuclear Sub project and University of Pennsylvania classmate of Mr. Fernald, Jr., joined as co-owner of the Induplate subsidiary of The Industrial Plating Company. The two operations were combined into one operation in 1973. By 1980, sales of Induplate had grown more than 10 times in ten years and it was recognized as the pre-eminent chromium plating company in the US.

In 1986, Induplate purchased H&H Products, a precision machining operation in North Providence, to complement its plating capabilities. This new business segment soon enjoyed explosive growth that required it to relocate to its current facility a few miles north in Lincoln, RI. Today, Greystone of Lincoln continues to experience aggressive expansion and is currently a major source of plating with Induplate, with both facilities enjoying a healthy synergistic relationship, building upon each others successes.

A second plating facility, Greystone of Virginia, was constructed in 1992 to service major worldwide automotive fuel system companies. This plant is a state-of-the-art "green field" facility with a fully integrated staff and modernized plating and analytical capabilities. Staffed with a highly skilled workforce and in-plant construction of automated equipment, this new addition to the Greystone Group positions it to remain highly cost efficient in todays challenging automotive, aerospace and ornamental plating environment.

Through the synergies created by our combined precision machining and plating capabilities and our base of highly skilled craftsman, Greystone continues to experience explosive growth and new opportunities. We seek to be the preferred supplier to our key market partners.