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Arrow Tech Associates
Arrow Tech is a premier engineering consulting business focused on Defense. Our skills include: structural analysis, dynamic analysis, weapons system simulation and all aspects of ammunition design and analysis. Many of our internally developed analysis tools are now available in an intuitive, integrated environment, PRODAS.
PRODAS Version 3
PRODAS (Projectile, Rocket, Ordnance Design and Analysis Software) V 3 is a one stop ballistic analysis with the following capabilities:

Visual Model Editor- Create and edit a model of your projectile. IGES and DXF model importation supported.

Mass Properties - Compute Mass, Center of Gravity and Moments of Inertia for each component and subassembly, and the whole cartridge.

Aerodynamic Coefficient Prediction and Stability Analysis-Computes a complete set of aerodynamic force and moment coefficients for both spin stabilized and fin stabilized projectiles. Effects of sabot buttress grooves, spike nose and wrap-around fin configurations are also considered.

Trajectory Simulation Simulate downrange flight performance including tracer and rocket motor effects via:
4 Degree of Freedom Fixed Plane simulations: Simulates downrange X, Y, Z and spin performance.
6 Degree of Freedom Fixed Plane and Body Fixed simulations: Simulates downrange X, Y, Z, Spin, Yaw Plane and Pitch Plane angular motion. Body Fixed simulation allows asymmetric aerodynamic and physical properties input and assessment.
Controlled Trajectory (CONTRAJ): 6DOF body fixed simulation that allows the input of user defined flight control events modeling canard, thruster, or explosive strip controls.
Guidance and Control: Design and evaluate guidance and control algorithms via control engineering interface and assess downrange performance within a 6DOF body fixed simulation. (U.S. Customers Only)

Fuze Arming Simulation Fuze mechanism equations of motion are programmed and subjected to various externally applied acceleration environments. Arming motion is quickly assessed under various combinations of atmospheric and trajectory environments to ensure reliable arming.

Firing Tables- Calculate provisional Firing Tables for Direct Fire, Howitzer, Mortar, Line of Sight, Line of Sight Air/Marine, and Artillery System Analysis. Outputted format is NATO STANAG 4199.

Terminal Ballistics-
BAL66/ Lambert Modeling : Monolithic armor penetration performance for both Low L/D (Spin Stabilized) and High L/D (Kinetic Energy) projectile types.
ATJetsuite: Predicts penetration performance of shaped charge jet warheads; from QINETIC (formerly DERA) of the UK

Interior Ballistics & Rotating Band Wear:
Calculates the velocity, breech and base pressure, linear and angular accelerations of the projectile during travel down the barrel. Also computes engraving forces and band wear.
IBHVG2 interface (US Customers only). Allows users to execute IBHVG2 analysis within the PRODAS architecture.

Structural Analysis:
In Bore Balloting Analysis (BALANS): 3-D lumped mass and beam element treatment of projectile and gun tube interaction for rifled and smooth-bore tubes. Analyzes projectile transverse accelerations, velocities and deflections to determine peak projectile loads, as well as dispersion and impact point shift.
Cartridge Case Design and Analysis Tool (CASAS): Specialized 2-D elastic-plastic computational module to rapidly assess case/chamber interaction for large changes in: diametral and axial gaps, case wall thickness, case-chamber friction, peak pressure, and bolt face-chamber stiffness.
Sabot Profiler: Design tool for assessing projectile Sabot stress and strain performance during interior ballistic cycle.

System Effectiveness Simulations- Simulate total system performance such as Ph and Pk using input system error budgets for the following scenarios.
Rocket System
Air to Air
Air to Ground
Ground to Air
Ground to Ground

3D Visualization: View both the projectile physical model and the trajectory performance in 3 dimensions. Advanced modules include the capability of simulating firing from specific launch platform, range, and target identities and movement.

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