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A core competence of Rheinmetall Defence is the development and manufacture of armoured vehicles of various weight classes, ranging from the new Light Infantry Vehicle for mobile special forces units to a variety of combat engineer vehicles and the legendary Leopard main battle tank, many of whose key components bear the Rheinmetall hallmark. In cooperation with a joint venture partner, Rheinmetall has developed and manufactured the Bundeswehr's new Puma, an airportable infantry fighting vehicle. The company's acclaimed Fuchs/Fox NBC armoured reconnaissance vehicle, already procured by seven countries, underscores Rheinmetall's global lead in this critical field.

Rheinmetall Defence also dominates the world market for cannon-based air defence systems. Today, the armed forces of over forty nations rely on short-range air defence systems made by Rheinmetall Defence's Swiss subsidiary, Rheinmetall Air Defence, the only company in the world which produces complete antiaircraft systems, including radar and networking technology. Moreover, Rheinmetall Defence also supplies mobile antiaircraft guided missile platforms.