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Aegis Power Systems is a power supply manufacturer serving the military, industrial, aviation, and heavy-duty commercial markets. We proudly design and manufacture our custom and standard power supplies in North Carolina, USA using the highest quality materials and contemporary industry standards.

Defense Power Supplies

Our line of rugged power supplies has been utilized in many military applications including radar systems, command and control stations, combat vehicles, the US Patriot Missile launcher, SEWIP systems, intelligence surveillance systems, sensor equipment, jet aircraft, RF and microwave equipment, and underwater vessels. Our team designs to meet many military standards including Mil-Std-704, Mil-Std-461, Mil-Std-1275, Mil-Std-810, as well as harsh environment classifications such as IP67 and IP56. We can deliver a COTS power supply to quickly fill a need, or modify to meet exact specifications.

Aircraft and UAV Power Supplies

We have worked with both commercial and military organizations to produce SWaP optimized power supplies for use in aircraft and UAVs. These compact units provide maximum power output while preserving the highest efficiency and reliability. Our team is adept at designing power system solutions for unique spaces, compact sizes, and lightweight restrictions.

Rack-mount Power Supplies

The 19” form factor is the defining aspect of typical rack-mount power supplies. These systems may be used in a wide variety of electronic equipment such servers, audio, and computer racks.

Embedded Power Supplies

Many of our power supplies have been designed using the VME, VPX, and PCI standards for interoperability amongst systems. These are especially useful in communications equipment and embedded systems. When it comes to designing for these applications, performance and quality are a key in our design process.

Marine Power Supplies

Available in DC-DC , single phase AC , and three phase AC , our shipboard power supplies are built to use in many types of surface marine vessels, underwater vessels and submarines, and amphibious vehicles. Our rugged power supply units are made to withstand the harsh environments of ocean and sea.

Custom Power Supplies

The Aegis Power Systems’ team enjoys the challenge of meeting unique and demanding power conversions requirements. Our technical expertise has been built upon the success of many custom power supply designs. We can configure a unit to meet your exact voltage, input, output, size, weight, thermal management, and current specifications. Additionally, we can easily install I2C chips with ethernet connection for effective remote monitoring and communications.

Find out how our power engineers can support your latest development project, improving your power conversion and efficiency to realize overall system efficiency – visit or call us at 1-828-837-4029.