Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc.

110 Ricefield Lane
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Executive Vice President

Contact: Eli Levi


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Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) is a multi million dollar corporation that is recognized as an acknowledged leader and innovator in the design, development and production of Automatic Test Equipment. ATTI developed and introduced its Benchtop Reconfigurable Automatic Tester (BRAT) in 1989. These testers were initially introduced in Europe with KLM Airlines our first major client. Since then BRAT testers have been sold to numerous customers including the U.S. Air Force and NATO where they support various high performance aircraft. In 1993 ATTI introduced a BRAT Tester with broad RF capabilities. These enhanced testers were first delivered to KLM and later on to The US Air Force and have since received wide acceptance.

BRAT's open architecture and state-of-the-art system software allow customers to configure a test system to meet their exact system requirements with the ability to grow without limitations as the customer's needs change with time. As a result, the customer has the ability to reconfigure the BRAT without spending nonrecurring costs for stimulus, measurement and switching selections.

The products presented in this website have been designed to meet the most challenging test requirements imposed by digital, analog, RF and EO equipment.