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AirBorn Connectors Inc. was founded in 1958 to manufacture electronic connectors for aviation applications, hence our company name. By 1960, our 12 employees engaged with customers including Motorola Inc., Texas Instruments (now Raytheon), Lockheed Aircraft, Boeing and Burroughs. In the time since our founding, we've managed to be a part of many famous and important projects in human history. The Voyager I & II space vehicles, launched in 1977 and still traveling interstellar space today, are emblematic of how customers view AirBorn parts: rugged, reliable and long lasting.
We're proud to be a part of America's, and our allies', vast military and defense initiatives too. AirBorn parts were designed into the Apache & Blackhawk Helicopters, F-16 & F-35 Jets, Abram's & Bradley Tanks and Ohio-Class Attack Subs just to name a few. Our solutions are also part of Patriot, Javelin, Hellfire, Tomahawk and THAAD missile programs. We excel at providing unfailing quality to mission-critical applications.
While connectors are at our core, we’re much more than merely a “connector company”. We also design and manufacture custom cable assemblies, flexible circuit assemblies, PCBs, power supplies, HLAs, complete box builds as well as offer design, lab, qualification and contract manufacturing services. If you are looking for a complete “Model-to-Market” partner, count on AirBorn to get your product to market ahead of the competition.
While Mil-Aero applications are our specialty, we by no means stop there. AirBorn parts are an integral part of commercial aircraft, MRI machines, defibrillators as well as pain management systems. From deep sea to deep space, AirBorn connectors are ready for any challenge.

• Interconnects
• Cable Assemblies
• Flex-Circuit Assemblies
• Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
• High-Level Assemblies
• Custom Power Supplies
• Complete Chassis/Box Builds
• Lab Services
• Contract Manufacturing
• Engineering/Design Services
• Prototyping