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It is a division of e-technologies Solutions, Corp. focused on the field of simulation as a method of training.
e-Tech Simulation develops and manufactures the simulators listed below and also is the representative of companies which are recognized internationally for their developments in the area of simulation. Several e-Tech simulators are manufactured in the United States, Colombia and Brazil under the supervision of the parent company for the distribution in Latin America and the Caribbean.

As a result, there are various ranges of simulators for training in the fields of:
Harbor Crane Simulation, Construction Simulation, Mining Simulation, Forestry Simulation, Transportation Simulation, Welding, Graphic Arts, and Artillery Simulation, among others.

Simulation is a technology that helps training operators facing dangerous or high-risk situations, and offers an opportunity to practice difficult maneuvers without any risk, providing operators with high safety environment skills. In short, simulators do everything that cannot be done in the real machine for safety reasons.

Simulation is used for training of both beginners and experienced operators, managing the development of experienced staff, often reminding of situations that can sometimes be forgotten with time. For this reason the training and continuous review of processes help us avoid high-risk situations. For many years, different industries have been using simulators for training and continuing education.

The evolution of technology allows companies such as e-Tech Solutions Corp., through its simulation division e-Tech Simulation to develop high-performance simulators with costs that make them affordable and profitable to companies of all sizes in all industry sectors in the world.


The processes of training of operators have been constantly changing with the evolution of transport systems, freight movements, and general management of equipment, leading to reduce the social, personal and professional impact of individuals.

Simulators are effective tools for the recognition and the development of skills in multiple situations. Simulators provide students with materials, direct practices and multi-sensory experiences to that allow them to develop the necessary skills to manage with confidence and knowledge different scenarios or critical situations related to the operation of the equipment, therefore, making this a safe practice to avoid unnecessary risks.