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Alelo has developed a line of products for learning foreign languages and cross-cultural skills, using the virtual role-play method, for government, military, corporate and educational customers around the world. It has yielded impressive results. Over 100,000 US military personnel have trained with Alelo products prior to deployment overseas. Alelo has secured patents for the underlying virtual role-play technology, and has a broad technology licensing arrangement with the University of Southern California, an equity shareholder. Alelo has now incorporated its technology into a new VRP® platform that plugs into commonly used game engines. VRP users can create their own virtual role-play simulations by populating virtual worlds with artificially intelligent virtual role players. Alelo’s multidisciplinary team includes experts in learning technologies, communication sciences, and instructional design, who work together to create uniquely effective virtual role-play training products.

Virtual role-play is an innovative technology that promises to change the way soft skills are trained. Learners practice communicating with artificially intelligent virtual role players, monitored and assisted by a virtual coach. Virtual role-play delivers the benefits of live role-play and one-on-one coaching, in a manner that is scalable and achieves consistent measurable improvements in individual and organizational performance. Customer service personnel, salespeople, managers, and work teams can all benefit from the improved interpersonal skills that the virtual role-play method delivers.