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San Diego, CA 92123
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Cubic Global Defense (CGD) is a leading provider of live, virtual, constructive and game-based (LVC-G) training solutions, special operations, mission support and intelligence for the U.S. and allied forces in more than 35 nations.

With more than 30 years of experience, CGD continues to be a market leader in enhanced training solutions and an innovator of military training through performance-based technology. CGD’s NextTraining strategy strives to create innovative solutions tailored to customers’ needs. These solutions and capabilities better equip, train and engage warfighters by replicating warfare domains, revolutionizing combat training centers and optimizing cybersecurity.

CGD’s diverse range of services, systems, products and technologies include:
? Performance-Based Training Solutions – CGD combines innovative excellence and operational synergies to deliver a full range of training solutions for military and security forces worldwide. CGD’s customized LVC-G training solution accelerate combat readiness in the air, on the ground and at sea, while meeting the demands of evolving operations globally.
? Range Design – CGD’s breadth of services allows us to deliver complete range design solutions for military, law enforcement, Special Forces and security training centers, including laser-engagement training simulation systems, live-fire range design, exercise planning, expert support and detailed After Action Reviews.
? Special Operations – CGD delivers highly specialized tactical training programs to U.S. and foreign special operations forces, law enforcement and government agencies that are focused in special operations and irregular warfare.
? Mission Support – CGD’s mission support services span the transition from training to tactical for a broad spectrum of disciplines. CGD plans, prepares, executes, consults, advises and documents realistic and focused mission rehearsal exercises to help front-line troops meet real-world missions.
? National Security – CGD offers full-service operations and specialized intelligence solutions to meet the demands of military and national intelligence agencies. CGD identifies and develops targeted solutions; trains mission-specific knowledge and skills; and delivers operational and technical support to government agencies working to stabilize world order and to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.

CGD’s motto, “Enabling a Safer World,” is behind all of the products and services it develops and delivers. As a leader in advanced training solutions, CGD is determined to provide its customers with the most innovative military training architectures from LVC-G to electromagnetic warfare (EW).