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Founded in 1955, The Dewey Electronics Corporation started as a systems-oriented research, development, and design organization specializing in custom systems and equipment design. Today Dewey operates a number of diversified product areas manufacturing a wide range of military systems and products to various agencies of the Department of Defense. These product areas include:
 Compact power generation
 Vehicle auxiliary power units
 Compact and portable hybrid power systems
 Power management and power distribution systems
 Energy storage and energy management systems
 Micro-grid technologies and control systems
 Navy speed and distance sensors and systems
 Navy torpedo shells and electronics
 Air Force aircraft components and assemblies
The Dewey Electronics Corporation is a solution-oriented engineering and manufacturing company that prides itself on its ability to:
 Be a nimble and adaptive engineering organization
 Provide rapid prototypes from our manufacturing facility
 Deliver on time, meeting our promises
 Provide the desired product that solves the customer s problems
Since 1996 Dewey has been the sole provider of the 2kW Military Tactical Generator and has fielded over 18,000 man-portable MTGs. We have expanded our capabilities to offer hybrid power systems that integrate renewable energy sources with our auto-start generators and energy storage systems to provide battlefield ready power systems that reduce fuel usage by up to 75%.
Dewey's engineering staff can provide a complete power system design from generation to distribution, including energy storage and renewables for land based or self-contained trailers or containers. Our control and monitoring electronics are used in digital controls and control systems for generators, APUs, hybrid systems, battery monitoring and charging systems, power distribution, fuel cell reformers and fuel cell controls, and power electronics (UPSs, DC/DC converters and Inverters).
If your power needs are in the range from 300W to 20kW, Dewey has the answers to your power needs.