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VT M K, also known as M K Technologies, develops software for distributed simulation. Leveraging a strong foundation of COTS software products, M K works with customers to link, simulate, and visualize compelling 3D simulated environments in which to train, experiment, and demonstrate.

M K Customers
Our primary users are in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries, yet our products and services can help customers anywhere modeling and simulation is needed to train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype, and demonstrate. M K software has been used to develop solutions in the areas Air Traffic Management, Command and Control, Homeland Security, and Space. Thousands of customers worldwide use M K products, including the world’s ten largest defense contractors.

M K Products
VT M K offers a complete line of software to address your simulation challenges. Whether you're developing a simple simulation scenario or dealing with complex program requirements, our products are easy to use and scale to meet the full range of simulation needs.

-Link - Runtime infrastructure, networking API, and interoperability portal for distributed simulation
-Simulate - Synthetic environments packed with action: urban, battlefield, maritime, and airspace
-Visualize - Visual solutions for simulation and training: 3D information visualizations, tactical maps, and out-the-window & sensor scenes
-Terrain - The streaming terrain alternative for modeling and simulation
-Web - Web technology for live, virtual, and constructive simulation
-DI-Guy - Realistic 3D human visualization: authoring tools, content, and human behavior

We also offer a full line of system components. These custom products are built to your specifications and help you build and deliver simulation systems. These are a higher level of product, more than just a toolkit; a larger component on which to build your simulation, like an After Action Review system. Used together, as a system component or individually, as a stand-alone COTS product, M K products provide a strong foundation for your distributed simulation system.

M K Services
Sometimes customers need assistance that goes beyond technical support. M K offers a wide variety of engineering services, including training and consulting, product features and enhancements, on-site support, and project implementation. We put the experience of M K's engineers to work for you to help solve your unique technical challenges, from the mundane task to the most difficult requirements.