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Oceaneering's Advanced Technologies (ADTECH) group is recognized as an industry leader in enabling humans to work safely and effectively in harsh environments ranging from the depths of the sea to the outer reaches of space. ADTECH specializes in the support of manned systems and the development and application of practical, cost-effective robotic systems in multiple industries.
ADTECH designs, builds, and operates unique underwater systems for the US Navy and provides life cycle maintenance services for Submarines and Deep Submergence Systems. ADTECH is advancing robotic technologies for in orbit satellite servicing and provides spacecraft life support systems to the aerospace industry. ADTECH is also an award winning leader in design, build and installation of theme park entertainment ride systems and provides intra-logistic solutions using automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems.
ADTECH's business areas are: Oceaneering Technologies, Marine Services Division, Oceaneering Space Systems, and Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, and Oceaneering AGV Systems. All business areas of ADTECH are ISO 9001 certified.

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In-Service Inspection

In-Service Inspection

We offer industry-leading conventional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection technology. State-of-the-art equipment and multi-certified technicians meet the ever-increasing demands of your most complex integrity concerns.

•Conventional NDT
•Advanced NDT (specialist inspection services)
•Subsea inspection
•Pipeline construction NDT services
•Vendor inspection
•Crane and lifting equipment inspection
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