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Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) provides field proven reliability in its cost effective, well-engineered power products. These product solutions cover the production, conditioning, storage and control of AC and DC power in a wide range of environments. These rugged products meet the demands and rigors of military, government, industrial, medical and telecommunications sectors. Mobile applications include shipboard, submarine, vehicular, aircraft and field deployment. Stationary applications consist of factories, process plants, utilities, networks, even offshore platforms, and desert installations. The PowerStation™ and Military Power® product lines are comprised of intelligent UPS, power distribution units, frequency converters, and battery systems. The intelligent features include the ability to monitor and control the equipment and their loads via local and/or remote interfaces such as SNMP and HTTP. Expeditionary Power® versions incorporate the ability to operate from all voltages and frequencies worldwide and even from aircraft or vehicular power. Airborne Power® units provide frequency conversion and backup power aboard commercial or military aircraft to provide 50, 60, 400, or 1000 hertz power to operate commercial or medical equipment.

The TacticalPower® series includes deployable inverters, converters, and global UPS that operate from either vehicle DC or whatever AC is locally available. The Tactical Generator® line includes deployable generators and packaged power plants. Tactical Fuel Cells® include complete portable power systems readily deployed worldwide. The Tactical Solar® family consists of high-performance solar panels that are both rugged and flexible, charge controllers, battery modules and complete solar power solutions for hostile environments. The solar panels configurations include foldable blankets and shelter flies. Tactical Wind Turbines® are light-weight, easily setup power sources that can run independently or as a hybrid system with the solar. These turbines are designed to operate in minimal wind conditions. The Tactical Micro Grid® pulls all of this together with an intelligent controller managing the various power sources, energy storage devices and equipment loads to maximize performance and economy for the given priorities. Tactical Shelter Systems® configure shelters, traditional power, solar, wind, energy storage and grid controllers to reduce overall fossil fuel usage and associated logistics.

Each of these product lines is modular in design and may be configured to suit a particular application or integrated into a total system solution. All lines are available as either Military Grade (Mil Spec) or Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS).