Candent Technologies Incorporated

6107 West Airport Boulevard, Suite 190
Greenfield, IN 46140-9122
United States
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Candent Technologies, Inc. is an innovative, lean, young, technology company based in Indiana, staffed by a team of highly experienced members, all with the skill sets necessary to expertly perform the multidisciplinary functions required for the success of the business. Candent is focused on the development of small, advanced propulsion and power systems, including highly efficient, environmentally friendly, low cost, multi-fuel and bio-fuel capable small gas turbine engines, ranging in power between 350kW to 2,000kW, and micro turbines in the 25-300kW power range; waste heat energy recovery systems for gas turbines and large diesels from 1-65MW; and small, light weight, compact, heavy fuel reciprocating engines for small water craft propulsion as well as electrical generators up to 10kW for marine and land vehicles and small mobile tactical power units.

Candent Technologies has all of the tools to design virtually any gas turbine engine component up to and including complete engines, and can perform design and analysis as required on an expedited basis. This team of highly experienced "problem solvers" finds innovative solutions to difficult customer problems on a regular basis. Candent is also the systems integrator for the X Class MUSCL Unmanned Surface Vehicle, having tested one prototype, with construction of two additional prototypes for test and delivery in 2017.

Candent Technologies is currently developing and advanced, 250kW, high power density technology turbo generator for the U.S. Marine Corps Non-Lethal Directed Energy Weapon system, under SBIR Phase II contract, including the demonstration of this ground breaking technology in a full scale prototype test.