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Executive Vice-President & CFO

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Vice President--Strategic Development

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Since our founding in 1990, Systems Technologies (Systek) has matured into a global provider of systems engineering, information technology, technical assistance, training, test and evaluation, and acquisition management services. We specialize in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), wired and wireless networking, and system simulation.

Our core technical staff brings a legacy of proven technical experience that encompasses a broad range of disciplines directly applicable to today's engineering problems including: -RF Engineering -Systems Integration -Test Methodologies -Configuration Management -Value Engineering - Facility Engineering -IV&V -Software Engineering Methodologies -Software Metrics and Quality Assurance -Program Planning and Analysis

Customer focus – Much of Systek’s success can be attributed to our business philosophy. We maintain our client’s perspective in all actions, we are responsive and receptive to change, we always provide the best value for our clients, and we assign proven performers and independent thinkers.

Systek adopts our customers’ missions, goals, and objectives. Our success is measured by the success of our customers. We have One Mission .. YOURS®

Customers trust Systek and for over 25 years they have rewarded the firm with repeat business and referrals. This trust was earned by successfully completing 100% of our projects within budget and schedule, resulting in 100% contract renewal rate. We have consistently produced the highest quality products on-time, the first time, and often in quick-reaction scenarios. In a recent survey, 100% of our customers indicated that they are likely to refer Systek and 70% already have.

Technical focus - A client once told us that 90 percent of his needs could be accomplished by anyone reasonably skilled in the state of the art. What he needed was someone to satisfy that other 10 percent. We work in that 10 percent area!

Systek is recognized for significant system engineering contributions in the communications community. Our personnel have often been sought out by other members of the community to bring our specialized skills to bear in the solution of the most complex problems. Our personnel have been instrumental with multiple communications systems from inception, through development and sustainment, to system retirement.

Modern methodology for today's complex needs - The key to quantifying and solving today's complex problems is through an understanding and appreciation of the "Big Picture". Problem solving is a holistic process. Behavior of any element is influenced by and can be understood only in the context of the whole

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

All activities, from a ground-up new design to determining the optimal integration approach to troubleshooting a "bug" in a fielded system, are an exercise in identifying and solving problems. We approach each problem solving activity in a holistic manner, considering that behavior of any element in a complex system is influenced by, and can be understood, only in context of the operation as a whole. Failure to consider all the interfaces with an element, and the effects a change imposes on its surroundings, often results in a "best" solution to the immediate problem that is less-than-optimal for the system as a whole.

Utilizing this holistic approach in a disciplined, top-down manner, we assist our clients in achieving essential functionality with necessary quality, at the lowest life-cycle cost, while maintaining the customer’s perspective in all actions.

In this process, we integrate reliability, maintainability, safety, survivability, security and human factors into a total solution; considering hardware, software, facilities and people as integrated elements to meet cost, schedule and performance objectives.

Systek .. One Mission: YOURS®