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GTDS provides client companies with immediate access to a proven representative/distributor network that specializes in the defence and security sectors, including direct communication with procurement agencies.
For a fraction of the cost of sustaining an internal commercial department, GDTS provides its customers with a full range of marketing and sales services
In the defence and security fields, GDTS provides an affordable, efficient and proven solution for a companys need to diversify its market base and expand beyond its national borders. In this way, GTDS becomes a force multiplier for any organization that partners with it. Further, companies with this ready-made capability are much better placed to seize unique windows of opportunity as they arise.
In partnership with the companies in its portfolio, GTDS handles everything from market surveys and initial contacts through contract completion.

GTDS is active in the following countries:

The Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil .
Europe: France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Ireland.
Asia: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore.
Australasia: Australia, New Zealand.
The Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar.