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We design, engineer and manufacture motion control systems for the US military where quality and dependability are paramount. We have developed strong partnerships in our customer interactions including key OEM defense contractors. Control Solutions has experienced tremendous success by adapting and integrating our core motion control products to multiple military applications.

The Warfighter has been relying on our products such as our Turret Control System (TCS) that automates the movement of the vehicle-armored turret. We have fielded over 70,000 of the TCS systems to date. We designed and developed our Weapon-Mounted Turret Controllers, which allows for the positive control of the turret and weapon.

Our latest development is the patent pending, Remote Fire Option (RFO) system. The RFO enables existing powered turrets to be remotely controlled from inside the protection of the vehicle via a User Interface Controller (UIC) that has a LCD display, joystick, and trigger.

When it comes to military motion control, we have you covered. We stand ready to help you with your motion control project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Remote Fire Option (RFO) system

Remote Fire Option (RFO) system

The Remote Fire Option (RFO) system is an easy to install add-on to existing manned turrets currently installed in MRAPs and other tactical vehicles. It allows the gunner to remotely operate the gunner station during “overwatch” while protected inside of the armored vehicle, thus reducing gunner exposure to sniper fire, indirect fire, and enemy assaults. read more