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BioFire Defense is a biotechnology company that produces leading BioSurveillance Solutions for military, civil defense, first responders, and public health. A close relationship with the United States Department of Defense and other international military organizations has resulted in the successful development of numerous BioSurveillance systems and the fielding of over a thousand instruments and millions of reagents and prep kits world-wide. These systems span the range of operations from the lab to the field and from clinical diagnostics to environmental surveillance for bioterrorism threats:

FilmArray® BioSurveillance System - The next generation BioSurveillance system that identifies environmental biothreats as well as diagnoses clinical conditions. The FDA-cleared FilmArray integrates sample preparation, DNA amplification, detection, and analysis into a single instrument capable of simultaneously testing a sample against dozens of targets in one hour. The easy-to-use FilmArray requires only 2 minutes of hands-on time to process a raw sample to result.

RAZOR EX BioThreat Detection System A hand-carry instrument designed specifically for field use that provides sensitive and reliable detection and identification of biological threats using cutting-edge PCR technology. The battery operated instrument weighs 11 lbs, operates with freeze-dried reagents, and requires minimal sample preparation which means that it can be used anywhere by military, civil defense, and security personnel. Reliable positive/negative results for 10 pathogens are available in just 30 minutes.

Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) - The Biothreat Identification and Diagnostics standard for the US military. Since 2003, JBAIDS has been fielded by all branches of the US military with over 300 systems deployed. This ruggedized system designed for mobile labs utilizes real-time PCR to reliably identify pathogens from environmental or clinical samples using freeze-dried reagents and features 7 FDA-cleared assays.