Provengo, LLC

3539 Lawson Blvd
Oceanside, NY 11572

Exec. Vice President

Contact: Terry Steinberg

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Established in 2003, Provengo is a United States based, Woman Owned Small Business Emerging Technology Company. The Company, headquartered in a suburb of New York City, is focused on synchronizing and streamlining the procurement process and sourcing among a diverse set of vendors and buyers.

Technology Platform: Provengo has developed a multi-tiered internet based e-procurement system to facilitate, execute and track the purchasing activities of its federal clients. The platform enables Provengo to competitively bid requested items on behalf of United States military clients. The process and procedures that the Provengo System follows ensure that all Federal Acquisition Regulations and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations relating to procurement for National Stock Number items, Commercial off-the Shelf items and Part Number items are met.

Provengo's Best Business Practices allows for resources to be maximized, planning to be streamlined, assessment simplified, forecasting enhanced all without ever compromising security or the need for historical documentation.

Sourcing: Provengo has established relationships with manufacturers and distributors of Automotive Spare Parts, Force Protection Equipment, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Gear and other garments, equipment and services that the war fighter requires. These vendors are current or past Defense Logistics Agency suppliers of various NSN, COTS and P/N gear and have been qualified as in good standing with the Federal Government. Provengo can competitively bid multiple items on behalf of its United States military client(s) with its established vendor pool resulting in multiple vendor responses for requested items.

Clients can view pricing and delivery for each line item for every vendor responding to a particular solicitation and select the least expensive, most responsible bidder Every Time! Concurrently vendors can have access to competitive information through the Provengo Procurement Server, should the client so choose. By allowing vendors and potential suppliers to view quotes and pricing online, more competitive pricing can be almost guaranteed!