Omnetics Connector Corporation

7260 Commerce Circle East
Minneapolis, MN 55432-3103
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Omnetics Connector Corporation is a privately owned world class, connector design and manufacturing company with over 25 years of experience focused on Micro-miniature and Nano-miniature high reliability connectors and interconnect systems.

Omnetics Nano and Micro connectors are ideal for critical, high reliability industries, like defence programs, where size, weight and reliability are a major consideration.

Omnetics offers a wide range of reduced size and weight interconnects:
• Micro and Nano strip-connectors
• Micro and Nano 360 circular-connectors
• World-class Nano-D / Bi-Lobe (a QPL rectangular Nano-connector family)
• Squeeze-latching Nano-D / Bi-Lobe nano-connector
• Polarised Nano-connectors
• Micro-D (a QPL rectangular micro-connector family)
• Squeeze-latching Micro-D
• RoHS complaint-connectors

In addition, Omnetics manufactures custom connector and cable assemblies where a tailored design solution is required.

Micro-miniature and Nano-miniature connectors and interconnect systems for rugged applications

The Omnetics proprietary spring-socket system (Flex-Pin) has approved QPL status for Mil-83513 for micro (0.050in pitch) connectors and the Mil-32139 level program for nano (0.025in pitch) connectors.

A leading supplier for military, aerospace, instrumentation and other high-technology oriented OEMs Omnetics product range is currently in use in aircraft, missile and weapon systems, soldier worn and unmanned systems, and satellite programs worldwide.

Commercial-off-the-shelf interconnects

Omnetics maintains a large, commercial off-the-shelf (COTs) inventory. The company has a large catalogue, offering a wide range of standard designs and also specialises in customised rugged high-reliability Nano, Micro, and Hybrid-sized interconnects meaning we can meet your requirements and schedule.

Cabling for military interconnect systems

Omnetics understands the importance of offering more than just the connector so has designed a complete package including the cable harness system.

Omnetics engineers take into consideration:
• Agency ratings
• Environmental conditions
• Exposure to chemicals
• Flexibility
• EMI/RMI shielding
• Ruggedness
• Weight
Omnetics products are designed and assembled in a single location at their plant in Minneapolis, US, that includes in-house automatic machining and over-moulding equipment. Omnetics has a worldwide distribution and sales team that are experienced in supporting both standard and customised designs for connector miniaturisation to form, fit and function.