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Delivering Total Power Solutions, when clean power is mission critical under extreme harsh conditions.

Acumentrics, Inc., headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, has been a trusted market leader in RUPS™ (rugged AC and DC uninterruptible power sources) for harsh and combat environments as well as heavy-duty industrial applications, since 1994. RUPS™ products provide clean power conditioning and battery backup when reliability is mission-critical. Acumentrics, is a preferred supplier of US-made power electronics to many of the world’s largest prime defense contractors.

The modern military relies on computers and other sophisticated electronic equipment and relies on RUPS™ to keep that equipment online in harsh environments. Electrical variance, surges, spikes, sags, and interruptions can cause communication breakdown and data loss, especially during the rigors of active duty.

Acumentrics design and manufacturing teams are experts at delivering Total Power Solutions, when clean power is mission critical under extreme harsh conditions. Whatever your power system needs are, from RUPS™ electrical performance, rugged connectivity, cables, backplanes, PDU, transit cases, racks, battery technology and run time, communication interfaces, Acumentrics will adapt its offerings to your requirements, as it has done to many of the world’s largest prime defense contractors and heavy industrial manufacturers.

Acumentrics customers worldwide include General Dynamics, Rockwell, Raytheon, General Atomics, AAI Textron, ComTech, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin Corporation, SAIC, CACI, BAE Systems, OpenHydro, and the United States military including the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, USMC and Air Force.

From the start, Acumentrics designed the Rugged-UPS™ to provide clean AC or DC power supply in harsh environments, including dust, rain, wind, heat, cold, vibration, and shock and blowing sand. Our 1 kW and 2 kW UPS units are trusted worldwide in both military and industrial applications. Today, Acumentrics RUPS has an extensive portfolio of rugged power electronics products including Rugged-UPS™, power conditioners and power accessories, that can be mounted in 19" cabinets and in transit cases, with over 65,000 units deployed globally for:

• Portable VSAT Communications
• Deployed Forward Operating Base Command and Control
• Vetronics power system for all vehicle-based electronics systems
• Sheltered and Portable UAVs Ground Control Stations
• Light weight man portable power systems
• Ships board and submarines
• Airborne LiDAR
• Industrial and Corporate Sites
• Tidal Power Plants

Acumentrics technology is based on over 20 years of experience in delivering trusted, reliable and rugged back up power solutions to military specifications. Contact Us today for more information!