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We have participated in a wide variety of commercial, petrochemical, and governmental projects including systems engineering, process and equipment modernization, synthetic fuel production, autothermal hydrogen generation, munition demilitarization, and chemical conversion of explosive materials.

Gradient Technology has also achieved recognition for applying advanced, environmentally friendly solutions to munitions demilitarization. These solutions have enabled the resource recovery, reclamation, and reuse of formerly waste energetic materials through patented chemical processing technology. We have also worked closely with munition depots in public-private partnerships that were rated by evaluators as model projects.

Our mechanical and chemical engineering staff have been responsible for upgrading multiple processes and systems for the Department of Defense, ranging from individual pieces of equipment to entire processing lines. One recent modernization of a major explosive washout process resulted in reducing electrical energy consumption by up to 66% and water consumption by up to 93%, all while improving process throughput. We also fabricate custom systems in our in-house fabrication operations from carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and exotic alloys.

In addition, Gradient Technology has been involved with engineering and munition projects both CONUS and OCONUS, ranging from entire multi-staged processing facilities to highly mobile waterjet demilitarization systems that can be taken into unimproved areas.