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Sparton Corporation (NYSE: SPA), over 117 years old, is a designer and manufacturer of complex, reliable electronic and electro-mechanical products, and sub-assemblies. Sparton has two major operating groups: Engineered Components & Products (ECP) and Manufacturing & Design Services (MDS). Within the ECP group, Sparton delivers sonobuoys, inertial systems, acoustic sensors, ruggedized displays, rugged PCs, and undersea warfare and payload delivery technology.

Sparton ECP is focused on serving the needs of the government market. Sparton is engaged in multiple research and development programs to design new sensors and systems for airborne, sea-based and land-based military applications and homeland defense. Sparton has been providing innovative engineering, manufacturing, and technology solutions to the United States Government, its allies, and their industrial bases for over 90 years. Sparton has delivered over 6 million USW / ASW products to navies worldwide over the past 50 years.

Sparton ECP specializes in the rapid development of custom engineering solutions for use in harsh oceanographic environments. Our technologies are used for passive and active undersea motion and sound detection, air and undersea payload deployment, and undersea-to-air payload deployment. Technologies developed cover a broad range of disciplines including systems, electrical, RF, software, mechanical, environmental and oceanographic engineering.

• Application Experience
– Sonobouy Development/Manufacturing
– Undersea Warfare and Detection
– Ocean Isolation Systems
– Package Design for Extreme Environments
– Compact and Complex Packaging
– Sensors (Acoustic, Magnetic, E-Field, Arrays)
– Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics
– Batteries (Salt Water, Lithium)
– Low Cost RF Communications
– Autonomous / Remote Deployment
– Fully Customizable Computers & LCDs
– Rugged LCD Displays

• Technological Expertise
– Passive and Active Undersea Motion and Sound Detection Devices
– Air and Undersea Deployment Systems
– Inertial Sensor / Digital Compass Systems
– Acoustic Sensors / Hydrophones
– Small Form Factor PCs
– Rack Mount Computers & Servers
– Touch Screens

Sparton Navigation and Exploration (NavEx) offers Inertial Systems and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) products. We also develop some of the most sensitive specialty hydrophones for general purpose underwater applications and marine seismic acquisition systems, such as oil and gas exploration and sea floor mapping. Our designs operate well in all harsh environments that include varying magnetic and dynamic environments and extreme temperature fluctuations, high shock, and humidity. For more information, please visit:

Aydin Displays and combine to form Sparton Rugged Electronics. Together, they are a leading provider of rugged LCD display manufacturing technology and high performance industrial grade computer systems and peripherals. The PC side provides mini PC/Small form factor computers, rack mount server PCs, rugged portable PCs, industrial grade keyboards, and other accessories. The Display side services the industrial & commercial, military & aerospace, and air traffic control industries with product built to withstand the most hostile environments and situations. For more information, please visit: