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Dexter Edward's (DE) Fognigma is a rapidly-deployable COTS platform to build ephemeral, software-defined Reconnaissance Resistant Networks(RRNs) that support secure enclaves for communication and collaboration between both trusted and untrusted assets.

Fognigma extends the secure communications reach of Intelligence Community personnel operating in contested environments by enabling commercial devices (e.g. smartphones, PCs, tablets and IoT) to connect over any IP-based connection, including the public telco infrastructure (e.g. 2G/3G/4G cellular, public Wi-Fi, broadband, etc.). This dynamic method creates private and discreet communications with users on and off the RRN. Fognigma defeats both passive/interference based network traffic analysis and brute-force decryption by dual encrypting all data, disassociating the source and destination of data traffic, and obfuscating traffic patterns to keep communications undetectable and secure.

Communicating, collaborating, or exchanging information using Fognigma fosters encrypted, anonymous, and untraceable conversations that do not exist beyond the parties involved. For operational security, Fognigma collaboration servers, such as telephony, voice, video conferencing, chat messaging, file transfer, misattributable communications and portal proxies, can be spawned, and burned on demand or at scheduled intervals.

Fognigma anonymizes a user's public Internet traffic by obfuscating the origination and destination. Users can also access sandboxed, disposable virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), providing even greater privacy protection. Fognigma tools are compatible across desktop and mobile platforms, and often does not require locally installed software. Fognigma enables positive control when communicating with third parties or untrusted assets by allowing necessary information exchange while reducing the risks of unintended exposure of sensitive information.

Underpinning this communications platform is the proprietary Fognigma engine, which administers the containerized-code deployment of ephemeral infrastructure deployed across cloud infrastructure locations around the globe. Fognigma's proprietary ephemeral infrastructure can be understood as a collection of components designed to link together to create anonymous networks/resources available only to credentialed users. For added security, each component knows only of immediate neighbors, removing the risk of having a single point of failure compromise the entire network.

The ephemeral infrastructure is created in real time, ensuring that components have not been previously compromised, or that no target profile could have been created around them. These components remain under the licensed control of the organization, guaranteeing full chain-of-custody over the data/information transferred through the system. RRN data traffic is cascading, dual-wrapped with AES-256, encrypting both the content and metadata. Once the infrastructure has served its purpose, the user can delete the entire system (or individual components or users) to leave zero forensic footprint.

Fognigma technology leverages a hybrid of cloud and cellular technologies, allowing native access to regional services and resources without raising suspicion. Fognigma utilizes multiple commercial enterprise cloud providers (including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, SoftLayer, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and Vultr) and private/hybrid clouds (VMWare and OpenStack) to ensure variety, anonymity, scalability, and availability of resources.

In summary, by using Fognigma Recon Resistant Networks for comm's and collaboration, third parties will not know that communications are taking place, much less the identities of the involved parties, or the context and content of the communication.