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BBI Detection specialises in the development and supply of innovative technologies for rapid sampling and identification of biological threats, explosives and narcotics for military, first responder and security markets. With secure facilities in the US and UK, and over 25 years’ experience in the development of assays, we are ideally placed to serve the needs of military and first responder markets worldwide.

Our Integrated Multiplex Assay and Sampling System – IMASS™ platform solves the problem of sampling and identification of biothreats and explosives in ‘white powder’ incidents, due to its patented ergonomic design. The device was originally conceived by a cross-functional team of engineers and scientists at DSTL (the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratories), and BBI Detection have since obtained a licence from the UK Secretary of State for Defence to develop and manufacture the IMASS™ device.

BBI Detection also has secured a licence from the UK Secretary of State for Defence, which enables us to manufacture and supply a wide range of antibodies against biothreat agents and explosives.

BBI Detection also distributes a unique product portfolio of simple to use, rapid and low cost solutions for the presumptive identification of potential threat items in a variety of scenarios such as screening at secure checkpoints or the assessment of suspect powders or materials in clandestine labs.

The Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) is a single use colorimetric-based test kit for the presumptive identification of military grade explosives and precursors used in manufacture of improvised explosives
The ECAC certified Liquid Explosive Test Kit (LETK) is a colorimetric-based test kit for detecting liquid explosive residues found in liquids, aerosols, gels and creams and is designed for presumptive identification of concealable liquid threat materials.
The Narcotics Test Kits (NTK) and Cannabis Test Kit (CTK) are a rapid, simple, and reliable technology designed for identification of Drugs of Abuse by first responders and frontline personnel.

BBI Detection complies with UK and US export control regulations – please note that licence requirements will apply whenever rated products or technology are exported outside the country of manufacture.