950 N. King Hwy
Suite 208
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
United States of America
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Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (UTRS), delivers a wide range of scientific, engineering, technical, communications and information technology services to the public and private sectors. Our core mission is to consistently deliver creative, high-quality, technology-based services and solutions to our customers on time and within budget. We are proud to be the 2009 SBA Prime Contractor of the Year in Region II.

We are, above all, a technology firm. We take pride in the remarkable number of diverse business areas supported by our highly skilled personnel. The link between these areas is technology—whether we are designing, testing and evaluating military weapons systems; linking federal laboratories with industry to achieve technology transfer; exporting U.S. environmental technologies to Europe; introducing and implementing flight operational quality assurance technology to U.S. airlines and the U.S. Air Force; installing cathodic protection technologies to reduce corrosion; or solving big data problems. We operate with lean management and staffing under Lean Six Sigma principles to achieve our goals and we adhere to the philosophy that automation and information technology, when deployed correctly, can vastly augment staff abilities. Implementing automation improves situational awareness by pushing critical information to lower-level managers; accordingly, we increase responsiveness and achieve decision-making faster and better.

UTRS consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations in delivering the highest quality services. We have adopted a culture of thinking forward for our clients to meet ongoing and future requirements and solve problems before they arise. We are proud of our company and our accomplishments.