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MCR, LLC, continues its more than 30-year tradition of providing high quality, value-added customer-focused success to our clients in the area of Integrated Program Management. By focusing on Cost and Financial Management, Acquisition Management, and Schedule and Technical Risk Assessment, MCR is able to provide the Department of Defense, industry, and civilian agencies with know-how, tools, and resources to successfully budget, manage, and track their programs.

For our DoD customers, MCR provides the full life-cycle support services, including development of techniques and the application of proven systemic processes. Our techniques include: affordability projections, cost models and databases, cost response curves, Multi-attribute Trade-Off models, COTS cost projections, Activity-Based Costing, Earned Value Management, and systems dynamics assessmentto name only a few. MCR analysts employ proven systemic processes, including: budget projection and tracking, affordability determination, Target Costing, Business Case Analysis, Acquisition Reform Predictions, Clinger-Cohen Compliance Analysis, Design Trades, Cost Estimates, Risk Analyses, Acquisition Support, Training, and Metrics Design and Management.

MCR support to our non-DoD customers focuses on current trends in addition to our traditional cost analysis and financial management services, including: Business Case Analysis, Portfolio Management, Investment Analysis, Earned Value Management, Training, and Cost/Benefit Analysis.

For our Industry customers, MCR provides more traditional consulting services, including Target Costing (e.g., CAIV analysis), Reduction in Total Ownership Costing, Acquisition Support, Training, Cost Modeling in numerous domains, Proposal Development support, internal cost accounting system assessment and support, indirect cost rate assessment and certification, EVMS design and implementation and cost control support, and internal system evaluation.