L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems

L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems

Phone 513-943-2000
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Contact: Steve Carrington
Director of Business Development
3975 McMann Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45245
L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems (L-3 FOS)

The L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems (L-3 FOS) team confronts today s technological challenges and tomorrow s defense needs by devoting our resources, experience, and expertise to fuzing and ordnance systems for the American military and our foreign allies. We are experts in electronic safe and arm devices, environmental sensors, and fuzes for missile driven, air-dropped, tube-launched, and infantry-employed weapon systems.

We devote significant focus and resources to innovating and developing critical weapon system components for tomorrow s warfighters. Our Internal Research and Development (IRAD) team is constantly experimenting with new technologies and manufacturing processes to improve existing weapons and develop new warfighting capabilities.

L-3 FOS is at the leading edge of the rapidly evolving world of defense industry products. We proudly serve the needs of our nation s military, while increasingly applying our technological expertise to the manufacture of superior weapon systems at maximum value.
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