IHS Jane's Aerospace & Defense Forecasting

IHS Jane's Aerospace & Defense Forecasting

Phone 410- 571-5511
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Contact: Cathryne Rowe
Director of IHS Jane's Forcasting Solutions
110 N. Royal Street
Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Defense and Aerospace Forecasting
Market Analysis, Competitive Intelligence and Opportunity Identification

IHS Jane's Forecasting Solutions provides comprehensive database and analysis solutions for the defense and aerospace industry. Serving the world's largest defense contractors, our bottom-up market analysis databases are the largest and most comprehensive of their kind. Combined with decision support tools and strategic services, this critical resource contains forecasting and analysis of worldwide defense and aerospace programs and future opportunities. IHS Jane's DS Forecast provides customers with a single-source of critical defense market information, as well as related analysis, insight and consulting services, speeds critical decision-making within business development, M&A and strategic planning.



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