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Survivability systems, mine protection, armour, protected seating systems, composites, engineering design and integration services, R&D.Armatec Composites Inc was formed in 1997 to transfer aircraft technology to various protection systems for military vehicles. Armatec's success at meeting this demanding challenge was witnessed publicly for the first time during the Kosovo crises in June 1999. The technological focus was the protection of the United Nations peacekeeping troops. Our Canadian forces faced landmines on the front line; a very devastating weapon. Armatec was able to provide a unique and effective solution using their knowledge of advanced composites technology. In addition to Leopard tank driver seats and M113 mine protection testing, Armatec quickly became involved in the provision of AC12000 drivers seats to the Canadian Army for deployment in Kosovo. This fast track program set the style of rapid response to urgent requirements for the military that would become Armatecs trademark. The requirements of the Canadian Light Armour Vehicle fleet shifted the development emphasis from tracked to wheeled vehicles and cooperative testing with MOWAG, GM Defense, and DRDC Canada