Soar Technology Inc.

Soar Technology Inc.

Phone 734-887-7603
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Contact: Andrew Dallas
VP, Federal Systems
3600 Green Ct
Suite 600
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
We design human reasoning capability into intelligent, specialized software, providing psychologically relevant, sophisticated solutions for complex problems. Soar Technology's state of the art, "highly human" intelligent agents automate complex tasks, simplify human-system interaction, and simulate human-like behavior for military or civilian applications.

At the heart of our solutions are knowledge-rich intelligent agents. These agents have been used successfully across a broad range of application areas such as human-behavior representation for control of entities in simulation or on hardware, cognitive modeling, cognitive decision aids, training systems, and exploratory modeling of social organizations. Soar Technology-engineered applications have also been successfully applied across diverse domains related to national security such as military training, control of unmanned platforms, adaptive user displays supporting command and control, and information fusion for intelligence analysis.

Our basic research efforts in human behavior modeling, cognitive architectures, software engineering, and human-computer interaction provide a solid foundation for all of our efforts. The Soar Technology team is dedicated to the highest professional standards, resulting in innovative research, novel technology, and solid engineering solutions to complex challenges.

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