Accurate Energetic Systems LLC

5891 Highway 230 W
Mc Ewen, TN 37101-3971

Senior Business Development Manager

Contact: George Kuchta

(931) 729-6618

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Contact: Serena Staggs

(931) 729-6622


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Accurate Energetic Systems (AES) is an established Small Business dedicated to manufacturing mission critical high volume energetic/explosive devices for military and commercial markets. AES supplies a multitude of bulk Mil-Spec and specialty formulated explosives for defense and oil and gas exploration. These formulations are further pelletized for use in ammunition, Fuzing and IED simulation applications or used in Load, Assemble, Pack (LAP) products for demolition and breaching. Demolition products include linear shaped charges, cratering charges and destruct charges. Breaching products consist of light weight door breaching charges and entry frames. AES is ISO 9001:2015 certified.