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SIDUS is a high tech company with expertise delivering superior surveillance and security solutions. We have achieved an excellent reputation for consistently and reliably providing sophisticated proprietary components and high caliber engineering to create comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Founded in 2000, SIDUS has earned its position as a trusted supplier for subsea, marine and land based industrial applications. Because every job is unique, SIDUS engineers diligently work to design systems to suit our clients’ specific requirements and to engineer solutions to address the toughest of problems.

We offer complete systems including cameras, lights, pan & tilts with multi station controller and in any combination for your subsea inspection needs. Our products are corrosion resistant and made to endure extremely harsh underwater environments. With depth ratings as high as 7000 meters, there are many optional products that can be used concurrently with sonars, ROVs and submersibles. SIDUS cameras routinely perform analysis and vigilant sentry service of subsea structures and other hazardous areas all over the world.

Our commitment is to bring mission-ready systems to meet the most critical and stringent demands of military applications. Coupled with uncompromising service, SIDUS endeavors to deliver reliable and dependable solutions. We are committed to provide the highest caliber of safety and security and the highest degree of dependability, anytime, anywhere.