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Adventure lights is a world leading manufacturer of visual and IR beacons for IFF applications, Landing and Drop Zone Expeditionary Remote Controlled Lighting, and vehicle IR illuminators for military, police, security and search and rescue personnel. Our products are in use with most NATO and NATO allied countries.

Our company has focused on making versatile and unique products that can be consistently relied upon to deliver outstanding performance. We are known for our cutting-edge technology, which survives long-term use by the most demanding of users. We pride ourselves on your trust and on our unique products that have helped save lives, while playing a pivotal role in the operational success of numerous missions.

Adventure Lights is heavily driven by R&D and will continue to pioneer micro-processor controlled LED beacons and illuminators. Every year we bring new inventions and innovations to market that focus on soldier safety, and this year is no exception with the introduction of our new line of networked interactive IFF Beacons, Expeditionary Landing, HLZ and Drop Zone Lights. Our Search and Rescue products based on the VIP and Guardian for life jackets and rafts have been adapted for submarine evacuation and other extreme uses.

Adventure Tactical (USA) is our new USA sales agency with U.S. manufacturing capabilities for special projects.

In situations where being seen is a must, the Lighthouse series of lights sets unsurpassed standards in their performance and versatility.

The VIP is the pinnacle of portable emergency lighting and signaling; where positive visual identification is a prerequisite for officer safety and operational success.

The lightest, brightest, toughest light in its class. In situations where being seen is a must, the guardian sets unsurpassed standards in its versatility.