Ruag Ammotec USA Inc

Ruag Ammotec USA Inc

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Contact: John Mullins
5402 E Diana St
Tampa, FL 33610-1926
RUAG Ammotec USA is the world and division technology leader in development and manufacture of non-toxic, centerfire ammunition. Our patented, frangible bullets are completely non-toxic (lead-free) and function all firearms without modification. On impact with a hard surface, our frangible bullets break up into small fragments for safety. The bullet residue is recyclable. We load our non-toxic ammunition with RUAG Sintox® lead-free primers. These are the ONLY non-toxic primers that meet all NATO requirements for military service. Ammunition with these primers enables many commercial, indoor shooting ranges to comply with increasingly stringent airborne lead requirements.

Collectively, the five branches of RUAG Ammotec have over 500 years of experience in ammunition development and manufacturing a pool of technical expertise unmatched by any other ammunition maker. For example, these companies played a prominent role in pioneering development of smokeless powder, jacketed rifle bullets, non-corrosive primers, and the first rifle cartridge designed exclusively for smokeless powder. Currently, branches of RUAG Ammotec are leading global technological development in case-less ammunition, lead-free primers and non-toxic, frangible bullets.

Frangible Bullets


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