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At JTAG Technologies we are proud to say that we are boundary-scan. Since the early 1990s we have lived and breathed the technology that has revolutionised the manufacture and test of electronics assemblies the world over. Our boundary-scan products can now be found in design labs and factories in over 50 countries across the globe and by 2016 we had shipped over 9000 board test and device programming systems to more than 2500 different customers.

Through our network of sales offices and in association with our valued distributors we have been able to solve thousands of board test problems by actively engaging with our customers. Once you become a JTAG Technologies customer you are an integral part of our business with free access to our world-wide support network. Your ideas often become our future products and we highly value the input that our family of customers gives back to us during our frequent user meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

JTAG Technologies remain the number one dedicated boundary-scan company. We attained and now maintain this leadership position by investing in new technologies and commit a significant proportion of our revenue to future R&D. We believe our principal strengths are, that we listen, we learn, and we serve our customers to the utmost of our abilities. In short: we are boundary-scan.