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Meggitt Defense Systems specializes in auxiliary high performance power and thermal management systems and components including aerospace pumps, aerospace fans and motors, automatic ammunition handling equipment, towed targets, weapon scoring systems and countermeasure deployment.

Thermal Management Systems
Meggitt Defense Systems is a true innovator in the development of thermal management systems for ISR/C4I/EW platforms. From 200w to 150kw, our ramair/vapor cycle thermal management systems can be used on large transports like the P-8, C-130 and business jets, high performance aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s/UGV’s. We provide a complete thermal management solution including sensor cooling, electronic cooling, air handling units and controls.
Meggitt Defense has been a leader in supplemental Thermal Management Systems for over fifty years we have delivered thousands of SWaP optimized Thermal Management Systems and supplemental Vapor Cycle Systems operating on some of the most advanced military platforms around the world.

M1A2 Thermal Management System

Auxiliary Cooling and Power

C-130 Hercules Amp Cooling
Vice President Business Development
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Aerospace Fans
Meggitt Defense Systems mechanical, electrical & hydraulic drive aerospace fans may be found on the majority of US armored combat vehicles, helicopters, and a number of ground based weapon systems. Our aerospace fans are designed for minimum weight, high performance, and maximum efficiency. We design and produce vaneaxial, mixed flow, and centrifugal fans that operate from -65°F – +220°F, at speed between 3,600 – 24,000 RPM, with flows ranging from 50 – 23,000 CFM, with pressure rises from 2’’ – 35” WG. Our aerospace fans come complete with properly sized integrated AC/DC motors for 115/200 VAC, 60 Hz and 28, 270 and 600 VDC. Our aerospace fans can also be sized and linked up to independent AC/DC motors, hydraulic motors, and to direct gearboxes and engine PTO’s.

Aerospace Fans – Airborne

Aerospace Fans - Ground

Business Development Manager, Thermal Components
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Aerospace Pumps
Meggitt Defense Systems has many years’ experience producing high-performance aerospace pumps. Our design process considers all aspects of the application before forming an integrated solution resulting in maximum flow and pressure increase for a given volume and weight.
We have a wide variety of lubrication and cooling pumps on aerospace, land, and sea applications. Our aerospace pumps have been produced in a wide variety of configurations, ranging from gerotors to centrifugal pumps with various drives. Drive methods include the use of AC induction, brushless DC, and direct shaft drive.
Meggitt aerospace pumps are found on many platforms, such as the Apache AH-64, Osprey V-22, Eagle F-15, and LCAC. Meggitt is developing pumps for various Future Combat Systems (FCS) vehicles for aerospace, land, and sea applications.

Centrifugal Pumps

Commercial Pumps

Gear Pumps

Gerotor Pumps

Hand Pumps

Business Development Manager, Thermal Components
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Ammunition Handling Systems
Meggitt Defense Systems provides ammunition handling and storage systems used by militaries around the world. We develop, manufacture, market and service high quality Linear Linkless™ ammunition handling and autoloader systems offering operational reliability and automatic handling of rounds, providing more efficient weapon systems to the field. We are a technology leader in automated feed and resupply, and we manufacture to rigorous MIL-SPEC performance and environmental requirements. Meggitt delivers world class ammunition handling technology for hydraulic or electric powered platforms and is actively involved in the development of next-generation combat systems.
From 20mm through 155mm, Meggitt Defense Systems has developed and fielded lightweight, high-reliability ammunition handling systems on the ground, in the air and at sea.

Apache 30mm 12-PAK Magazine

UH-60 Black Hawk 30mm pylon 660 magazine

Cobra 20mm Linkless Feed System

Compact Autoloader

Director of Business Development, Tactical Systems
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Weapon Scoring Systems
Weapon development and crew proficiency training are essential to maintaining an effective military. Central to satisfying these objectives is the ability to accurately measure the endgame performance of guided weapons and the closest point of approach for ballistic rounds as they pass their intended target.
Meggitt Defense Systems has been the leader in the weapon scoring systems market for over 35 years. Our radar scoring systems are installed in virtually all US military aerial and surface-based targets, as well as many foreign military targets. Our doppler radar vector projectile tracking systems are the worldwide standard for guided weapon test and evaluation, and provide not only a full three dimensional endgame trajectory relative to the target, but also weapon attitude, which is critical to warhead effectiveness assessment. Our doppler radar scalar projectile tracking systems are used worldwide against all gun types, round calibers and firing rates for gunnery training and qualification. Meggitt Defense Systems’ weapon scoring systems technology is field-proven, day or night, all weather, and works against all types of subsonic and supersonic projectiles.

Aerial Weapon Scoring System

ProTrak Scoring System

Director Electronic Systems
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Towed Targets
Meggitt Defense Systems’ towed targets, control systems, and payloads consistently set the industry benchmark for performance, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Our towed targets has supported weapon development and in-service training around the world. We are the world’s leading supplier of towed target systems.

- Aerial glide and towed target systems
- Radar, IR, low-level height-keeping, and visually-augmented targets
- Reeling machines and launch systems, including launch