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At times, a necessary element of law enforcement is the use of force, which ranges from officer presence and verbal commands to deadly force. While technology and training have continually evolved in this field, there is no one tool or technique in the police arsenal, which is 100% effective for criminal apprehension. Each time force is utilized in effecting an arrest or subduing a person, both the officer and the respective governmental entity are conceivable targets of lawsuits, regardless of how reasonable and justified the use of force. For these reasons, the law enforcement and criminal justice communities are continually searching for less-lethal tools which would reduce the level of force necessary for compliance or to effect an arrest, diminish the likelihood and number of both lawsuits and use of force complaints, and enhance officer safety.

Realizing the growing need for these munitions, Combined Tactical Systems, Inc. has developed our own line of less lethal and chemical munitions.

Our goal is to provide products that are safer, more reliable and user friendly, as well as being competitively priced.

Richard Edge