Control Solutions LLC

Control Solutions LLC

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Contact: Bruce Florack
Business Development Manager
2520 Diehl Rd.
Aurora, IL 60502
Control Solutions LLC® is the leading developer and manufacturer of motion control solutions for armored military tactical vehicles.
When the gun turrets on up-armored tactical vehicles became too heavy to hand-rotate; the Army and vehicle OEMs turned to Control Solutions for the answer.
When the MRAP vehicle doors became too heavy to open on steep Afghan mountain roads, the Army turned to Control Solutions for the answer.
Solve it, Design it, Build it ... It s not just a slogan, it s what we do! Control Solutions LLC can be your answer for tough motion control problems. Our team of engineers and ISO-certified manufacturing personnel stands ready to quickly solve, design, and manufacture your custom solution today.

Control Solutions LLC announces the availability of a new lightweight gunner’s turret with built-in motorized slewing. The model CS5100 Lightweight Motorized Gun Turret (LMGT) has been developed to provide smooth, responsive control from the gunner’s station to rotate the gun turret in a full 360 degree circle in less than seven seconds even on a 30 degree slope. The CS5100 uses the Control Solutions motor controller that has been successfully used on over 65,000 tactical wheeled vehicles including the MRAP fleet, HMWWV, MTVR and others. The gunner operates the LMGT using the Control Solutions joystick or weapon-mounted controllers.
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