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616 Innovation Dr.
Chesapeake, VA 23320

VP of Business Development

Contact: Zach Conover

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Ursa Navigation Solutions, Incorporated was born out of a personal relationship between its three owners: Charles Schue, Randy Hall, and Jim Moore. During 2004, we were presented with the opportunity to purchase the assets of the east coast operations of a California-based products company. That company wanted to divest itself of its services arm so it could focus on product development. At the same time, the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business program was becoming a viable differentiator in the government space.

After performing due diligence on the opportunity, we decided to pool our resources and invest in a startup company, which we subsequently called “UrsaNav”. We did not want to fall into the “acronym soup” of the typical government contractor as ABCD or XYZ Corporation, so we developed and branded a blue ocean name that helped make us unique.

We had no desire to be controlled by outside investors, so we bootstrapped the company financially ourselves. That way, we could construct a company around the culture and personal philosophy that we three enjoyed: cool things to do, people we enjoyed working with, and at some profitability. We agreed that we would sacrifice growth for culture, make our jobs enjoyable, attract the best and brightest to work with us, and not compromise our values simply to get or keep work. We developed our mission, vision, values, and motto accordingly.

We work hard to provide the best possible service to our customers, to be the best business partners we can be, and to empower our employees to do the right things right. We are proud to hear that to be like us, companies and people must “Follow the Stars!”