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How It Works

The National Defense Mega Directory is the information resource that our 96,200 members and other industry professionals have asked for, providing them with a one-stop resource to find the products and information they need.

The dynamic guide uses powerful search engine technology that continually indexes the content of participating supplier websites. Users have the option of performing keyword-driven searches that mirror traditional search engines, or a category-specific search. Both methods produce the most relevant results on the Web because the results service a narrow niche of Internet users.

Why It Works

Targeted audience
The national defense industry is spending trillions of dollars a year on goods and services that your company offers. Now you have the opportunity to advertise your business directly to decision making government and military buyers.

Greater control
You will be provided a company username and password that can be used to change your ad 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Display monthly specials, promote your tradeshow booth or change the link to your website at any time during the year.

No Website? No problem.
You don't need a website to get started. The National Defense Mega Directory creates a landing page specifically for your business, including company logo, description and contact information. Visitors to the guide simply click your ad to learn more about your company and start the purchasing process.

Increased Exposure

As a valued supplier in the industry, we understand that you want to give your company maximum online exposure. For those companies that want additional exposure in the National Defense Mega Directory, premium inventory placement is available. For more information regarding options, please call 800-816-6710.